Month of Giving

Rocky Mountain needs you!

Our nursery school is a beloved hidden gem in the heart of San Francisco that has been creating unforgettable experiences for 2.5-5 year old children for over 70 years. Please help us close the gap due to the pandemic and make a donation to Rocky Mountain.

The pandemic has limited our ability to host events and run full class schedules that support much of our budget. On top of that, we are faced with unprecedented challenges, including structuring a safe and entirely outdoor program that creates new costs, like tents and heaters to keep our students safe and warm. We are looking at an approximate $20,000 gap to run the program to its fullest potential. Your donation can provide scholarships, outdoor equipment or gear and keep us on track for the unknowns of 2021/2022.

Started in 1948, Rocky Mountain’s mission is to provide an emotionally and physically safe, real-world learning environment. We appreciate your help in continuing our mission and keeping Rocky Mountain a place where children and adults thrive.

Visit our Month of Giving GoFundMe campaign